In 2023,
artists representing the Earth
will head for the Moon.
A painter, musician, film director, fashion designer...
Some of Earth's greatest talents will board a spacecraft
and be inspired in a way they have never been before.

It is the Japanese Entrepreneur, Yusaku Maezawa
who will produce this revolutionary art project.
Together they will head for the Moon 238,900 miles away.
During the week-long spaceflight, what will they see?
What will they feel?
And what will they create?
An awe-inspiring, global, universal art project is about to begin.
I choose to go to the Moon,
with artists.

If Pablo Picasso had been able to see the moon up-close,
what kind of paintings would he have drawn?
If John Lennon could have seen the curvature of the Earth,
what kind of songs would he have written?
If they had gone to space, how would the world have looked today?

People are creative and have a great imagination.
We all have the ability to dream dreams that have never been dreamt, to sing songs that have never been sung, to paint that which has never been seen before.

I hope that this project will inspire the dreamer within each of us.

Together with Earth's top artists, I will be heading to the moon... just a little earlier than everyone else.

I am truly blessed by this opportunity to become Host Curator of "#dearMoon".

I would like to thank Elon Musk and SpaceX for creating the opportunity to go around the moon in their Starship-Super Heavy. I would also like to thank all those who have continuously supported me.

I vouch to make this project a success.
Stay tuned!

  • #dearMoon Project Host Curator
  • Yusaku Maezawa

Project Details

Spacecraft to The Moon


On this mission, we will head to the Moon aboard Starship and Super Heavy Rocket (formerly known as BFR), 
the next-generation reusable launch vehicle developed by SpaceX. 
It is a supersized rocket and spacecraft designed for transportation of people and cargo
to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

  • SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System

  • Starship-Super Heavy | Earth to Earth

Official Site

Development Status of Starship

Flight Plan

  • 1 Launch
  • 2 Booster Separation
  • 3 Parking Orbit Insertion
  • 4 Trans Lunar Injection
  • 5 Begin Lunar Flyby
  • 6 Perilune
  • 7 Earth Rise
  • 8 End Lunar Flyby
  • 9 Entry Interface
  • 10 Reverse Thrusters
  • 11 Landing

Project Schedule (TBD)

Announce project & begin member selection

Finalize members

Training, preparation

Artists create work

Publicize work

Lift Off

#dearMoon Exhibition on Earth


Participating artists and updates about the project will be announced on our SNS accounts.
Please follow us and stay tuned for updates!



"All the people who are going to the moon, Peace and Love." Ringo Starr (Former Beatle) exclusive interviewh

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Participating artists and updates about the project will be announced on our SNS accounts.

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